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The sizing of rings is often a tricky process. Many factors including airtravel, spicy foods, alcohol and hot weather can dramatically influence fingersize. Ilah Cibis Jewelry guarantees that rings will be the size ordered;however, we cannot guarantee the size of your finger.It is usually a good idea to be sized a couple of times before ordering aring, to determine an accurate size. If you believe that your hand may beswollen, we strongly suggest a ring order not be processed until an accuratesize is determined, either by a visit to our Worcester store or by a reputablejeweler in your home city.Most rings can be sized, however, certain rings where the design is entirelyaround the band (an eternity ring or channel set band) cannot be sized. Somerings can only be sized a limited amount up or down. Sizes beyond this rangewould require a custom made ring. Therefore, it is important to make sure thatthe correct size is being ordered from the beginning. Contact us prior topurchase if you have concerns about the ability to size the ring you would liketo order. We recommend you purchase your ring and have it shipped to you for approval.After your ring is sized or special ordered it is a final sale.In most cases, there is no charge for a first time sizing. If a ring isbeing sized up or down two sizes or more, there may be an additional charge.Special orders do not qualify for free first time sizing. Please call or email usfor more information. If the size needs to be adjusted a second time, there will be an additionalsizing fee. The customer is responsible for the shipping charge to and from IlahCibis Jewelry for every ring sizing. We recommend that you always insure theshipment for the total cost of the piece.Estimated delivery time for sizing's take approximately 2- 4 weeks.