End of year sale and the price of gold.

End of year sale and the price of gold.

2023 was a big big year for iLAH the company and for me, iLAH, the person. Renovations took way longer than expected, but we finally opened the store! My vision that I had been living with for so many years finally came to life. I am so grateful to everyone who helped, visited, and sent kind words of support.

Thank you

As our first holiday season comes to a close, I've put some select pieces on sale. These designs wont disappear, but it is time for these bad boys to find a forever home. Pieces include Montana Sapphires, lab grown diamond rings, and some very fun lab grown diamond studs. All are marked down 20-30%, and most qualify for free shipping. 

Unfortunately, this year the price of gold shot past and has stayed above $2000 per ounce. I always try to make my pieces as affordable as possible, which is why I offer 5K gold for many of my solid gold pieces. I've kept the pricing where we had it when gold cost $1700-1800 per ounce, but since the market isn't showing any signs of a price drop, I have no choice but to raise prices on many of our gold pieces. This includes the Words of Wisdom, That's No Moon, Rings of Power, Deep Sigh Signet, and Down to the Studs lines. We make most of those pieces to order in 5K and 14K gold, and as such are subject to current metal costs. Pieces that we have already made, such as the Champagne Dream rings, will not be effected.

So now is the time to order if you've been wanting a set of gold "fuck around" & "find out" or "Bad Bitch Magic". Price increases will go into effect on January 1st, 2024. 

If you have questions about the sale or our pricing, please feel free to email me- iLAH



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