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Snakes on a ChainSnakes on a Chain
Green Tourmaline Silver and Gold NecklaceGreen Tourmaline Silver and Gold Necklace
Sold out
beautiful tourmaline studssterling silver studs with sliced tourmaline
watermelon tourmaline slice dangle earringsunique tourmaline slice earrings
carved sapphire pendantvariety of carved sapphire pendants
Daisy NecklaceDaisy Necklace
Beautiful waterlily necklaceWaterlily Necklace
gorgeous ginkgo leaf necklaceGinkgo Necklace
elegant daisy earringsDaisy Earrings
emerald engagement ringPoppy Ring
Ilah Cibis Jewelry
Poppy Ring Sale price$1,349.00
sapphire wedding ringPoppies Rings
silver charm for necklacesilver true crime jewelry
silver jewelrytrue crime podcasts
MLM jewelrysilver pendant
MLM escapingMLM jewelry
White gold necklaceGranite Necklace
Glowing jewelry
Diamond Bark Necklace (.035ctw)
diamond earringsDiamond Bark Earrings (.07ctw)
stoned textured studseveryday wear earrings
white gold earringsScuff Earrings
Sold out
thread earrings
harvey ballworcester jewelry
HARVEY ball necklaceharvey ball jewelry


All of iLAH's gemstone and diamond styles can be customized

Choose any color of gold, any type or shape of stone, and any ring or chain size. If you don't see the option you are looking for, just message us.