Rings from all of iLAH's collections. We keep a number of whole sizes of our rings in stock, but we can make you any whole, half, or quarter size.


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Falling Ginkgos RingFalling Ginkgos Ring
Poppy RingPoppy Ring
Ilah Cibis Jewelry
Poppy Ring Sale price$1,349.00
Poppies RingsPoppies Rings
Striped Bass RingStriped Bass Ring
Elevate RingElevate Ring
Ilah Cibis Jewelry
Elevate Ring Sale price$2,570.00
yes chefyes chef
Ilah Cibis Jewelry
yes chef Sale priceFrom $89.00
Weave RingWeave Ring
Ilah Cibis Jewelry
Weave Ring Sale price$2,619.00
Ridge Bezel RingRidge Bezel Ring
Bezel stackerBezel stacker
Little Hill Band GoldLittle Hill Band Gold
Thin gold bands
Wide Clutch Band GoldWide Clutch Band Gold
Narrow Clutch Band GoldNarrow Clutch Band Gold
Big Hill Band GoldBig Hill Band Gold
Ilah Cibis Jewelry
Big Hill Band Gold Sale priceFrom $1,300.00
Wide Cigar Band GoldWide Cigar Band Gold
Ilah Cibis Jewelry
Wide Cigar Band Gold Sale priceFrom $1,300.00
Medium Cigar Band GoldMedium Cigar Band Gold
Toni RingToni Ring
Ilah Cibis Jewelry
Toni Ring Sale price$1,390.00
Jane RingJane Ring
Ilah Cibis Jewelry
Jane Ring Sale price$3,300.00
Leia RingLeia Ring
Ilah Cibis Jewelry
Leia Ring Sale price$2,600.00
Ellis RingEllis Ring
Ilah Cibis Jewelry
Ellis Ring Sale price$2,200.00
Nerida Ring (Emerald Cut)Nerida Ring (Emerald Cut)
Narrow Cigar Band GoldNarrow Cigar Band Gold
Many Moons Band GoldMany Moons Band Gold
Wide Clutch Band SilverWide Clutch Band Silver
Ilah Cibis Jewelry
Wide Clutch Band Silver Sale price$75.00