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How to Keep Your Necklaces from Getting Tangled

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From the latest TikTok jewelry trends to custom jewelry online, your favorite necklace always features a unique chain highlighting the collarbone and wardrobe. Chains are the main attraction or may complement a lab-grown diamond pendant, slide, charms, or station stones, creating anywhere from a bold statement style to chic minimalism.

Storing Your Necklace Properly

Taking care of your necklaces will help them withstand the test of time and encourage years of use. Whether it is a bespoke custom jewelry online purchase or a fashion piece, enjoy all your favorite necklaces frequently and keep them looking brand new by following a few simple steps.

1) Always Clasp Before Storing

No matter how you store your chains, always close the clasp before putting it away. Even if you're short on time, away from home, and can't use any of the below methods in the moment, clasping the chain securely is the first step to keep it from tangling.

2) Kitchen Twist Ties

Kitchen twist ties are a cost-effective and easy way to keep your chains from tangling. Using kitchen twist ties with a handful of necklaces together or solo works with this simple method. 

Twist the kitchen tie on the top and bottom by placing the necklace in the middle of each kitchen tie. Lay the chain in a flat straight line inside a jewelry box, drawer, or table. The kitchen ties will prevent the chains from moving or knotting. 

3) Hanging Your Necklaces

Hanging your necklaces inside a jewelry armoire, hanging wall key holder, a belt hanger with multiple hooks designed to hold belts, or an accessory tree are classic go-to's for keeping necklaces from getting tangled. 

Don’t like any of these methods? Try using a cork board. Hanging the necklaces with individual tacks keeps them tangle-free. Create an artistic display and show off your necklaces for everyone to see! Never forget your necklace collection by displaying it within sight on a cork board.

4) Drinking Straw Method

Are you taking your necklaces on a trip? Storing them in a drinking straw is an affordable, fool-proof, no-tangle method. Open the necklace at the clasp, thread it through the straw, and closing it avoids unwanted tangling. Tucking away your drinking straw and necklace in suitcase compartments or toiletries bags makes traveling a breeze with all your favorite looks. 

5) Zippered Sandwich Bags or Plastic Jewelry Bags

Professional jewelry wholesale suppliers, jewelry stores, and jewelry designers frequently use plastic jewelry bags for storage. These small plastic bags feature a zippered closure like sandwich bags. 

Professional Jewelry Bagging Tips

  • Place the necklace, pendant, or chain entirely inside the bag.
  • Dangle the lock outside the bag.
  • Close the bag with the lock outside of the bag. The lock should be wedged between the closure and top of the bag.

*Plastic jewelry bags are frequently for sale in bulk and available for purchase from various retailers.

6) Keeping Necklaces Separate

Keeping your necklaces away from earrings, bracelets, and other jewelry will prevent them from tangling and damage. Storing your chains and necklaces in jewelry storage plastic compartments, jewelry boxes, and jewelry bags by themselves is easy to remember.

7) Wrapping Your Necklaces in a Cloth

Wrapping your necklaces in a cloth is budget-friendly and quick. Just place your necklace or chain inside a cloth, fold the sides inwards, and roll it like a burrito.

8) Use the Original Packaging

Keepsake jewelry boxes and bags accompany most custom jewelry orders online or any jewelry you purchase. Using these will make it easy to keep your necklace safe from tangling. Display cards are also often used with necklaces, featuring little slits on the top for the chain to slide through. Using this plastic or paper card over and over will help keep the necklace centered and set.

9) Layering Necklaces: Compatible Chain Links

One of the hottest TikTok jewelry trends features layering multiple necklaces, creating a highly accessorized look unique just for you. However, layering multiple necklaces may easily cause chains to twist and tangle. Moving throughout the day causes them to entwine, diminishing the chic look you carefully curated using your favorite necklaces.

How to Properly Layer Chain Links

Lightweight and dainty chains are most at risk for tangling with their small millimeter size. Wearing statement sturdy links and airy chains together makes them less likely to tangle. 

Try mixing a herringbone with a box chain or Singapore, reducing the risk of damaging the chain links. 

Layering necklaces in different lengths also alleviates the constant twists and turns the chains succumb to, making them lay flat in graduated size.  

Susceptible Chain Types 

Most chains easily tangle, causing extra stress on the links. One of the most common and popular lightweight chain pairings for pendants is the Singapore due to their graceful twists and endless elegance. These intricate wire lace-like links are seemingly impossible to unwind –they easily become entwined with other layering necklaces, quickly turning into a jumble. However, ANY dainty chain link is in danger of becoming tangled, damaged, or broken by themselves or with other chains. 

How to Untangle Chains: Some Easy At-Home Methods

Removing these hopeless knots with a couple of at-home alternative jewelry methods saves your necklaces. Don’t put your tangled necklace in the far side of the drawer! Solving the issue when it arises allows you to enjoy your favorite necklace again soon.

Untangling chains and necklaces with slim tweezers or a needle is the perfect solution for relieving tension and pressure from the tangled links. Gently picking at the links with these tools will loosen the knots. Make it a game! Sometimes the tangles are so intense that it may take a while before they unravel. Watching TV and talking on the phone will help ease the frustration.

Key Takeaways

There are several alternative jewelry options to choose from, making it effortless to take excellent care of your necklaces. Clasp your necklace securely and refrain from placing your necklace in a heap after taking it off.

Taking a few extra seconds to store your necklaces and chains carefully will help save you time from untangling. Hanging the necklace on a hook or putting it back in a jewelry box keeps the links straight. Keeping necklaces apart reduces the probability of tangles. Removing tangles with tools like needles and tweezers are quick at-home jewelry care methods.

Questions about taking care of your jewelry? We specialize in unique, hand-made, responsibly sourced custom jewelry, alternative jewelry, queer jewelry, and lab grown diamonds as the top independent jewelry store in Worcester, MA.

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