I'm Moving!!!

After 15 years in Sudbury, MA, I am moving my business to Worcester, MA in the fall of 2022. Sudbury has been a wonderful place to work and own a business, and I will miss it dearly. My business has always been about custom jewelry, listening to the customer and building their vision. I have been so lucky to collaborate with hundreds of people over the years building pieces that I truly loved. After all of this time though I am ready to make my own work. I want to make pieces that are truly mine, that come from my vision alone. However, after collaborating with so many people, my vision is wide, containing a little of each of those customers. My new work varies from fun and playful to classically beautiful. In order to build a cohesive body of work, I’ve decided to release everything as a mini-collection, three or more piece that follow a theme. The first three collections dropped in October of 2021, and I will continue to add new collections monthly. Some collections will be limited editions and some will grow over time as I add more pieces to them. I am excited to share my voice with world.

The new store in Worcester will sell my pieces, which will be made on premises. I will offer customization services for my new work, altering my designs to meet customer needs, but will no longer build fully custom pieces.  I will continue to take on custom jobs out of my Sudbury studio until June, at which time we will begin to focus on building the inventory for the new store.

I hope that my Sudbury customers visit us once we move. If you have ever purchased anything from me, from Ilah Cibis Jewelry or Precious Metals Sudbury, I will continue to offer repair and care services to you.

All the ♥


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