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Scavenger hunt success!!

Scavenger hunt success!!

For our grand opening we hosted a scavenger hunt throughout Worcester's Canal District. October 4th through 7th, we hid small 3D printed tokens about the size of a quarter with our logo on them in various public places and gave clues though our instagram stories where to find them. We were blown away by how many people participated and how smart you all are!!

The first token was in Crompton Park. The second was on Millbury Street near the Major Bloom dispensary. The third was right in the center of Kelley Square. We placed a bonus token on Friday for the Districts "First Friday" concert series, which was hidden next to the fountain outside of the White Room. The final token was hidden at Polar Park. We planned a series of eight photo posts to lead people to the exact location, but the winner got there after only two photos! 

It was so much fun to interact with all the people searching and to give away the prizes that we will absolutely be having more of these hunts. In the meantime, we have in store scavenger hunts available. You have to ask the sales people for the instructions (iykyk), but if you find everything on the list, you can win 10% off your same day purchase. 

iLAH is made for you to have fun and explore, whether it is the art inside or the interactive murals on the outside of the building. Check out our new Mario Mural! 


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