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What Is a Bench Jeweler?

What Is a Bench Jeweler? - Ilah Jewelry - queer jewelry, alternative jewelry, Worcester jewelry store, LGBT jewelry, gay jewelry

Have you ever wondered how to design and craft jewelry? A bench jeweler is a skilled artisan or craftsperson working in a jewelry store, wholesale supplier/manufacturer, independent workshop, or studio setting for jewelry selling or customization.

Bench jewelers may specialize in certain areas or work with various needs. Keep reading to learn more about the responsibilities of a bench jeweler below.


What Types of Jewelry Work Can a Bench Jeweler Provide?

Bench jewelers utilize specialized tools and techniques in the jewelry creation process or modification of jewelry. Some common tasks a bench jeweler handles might include:

Resizing Rings

Stretching rings and making them larger, sizing down, or putting in cleats/balls on the inside of the shank allows you to enjoy your favorite ring more comfortably, tailored to your best fit.

Can your ring be resized? Channel set stones, fancy finishes (matte, satin, diamond-cut, and other decorative elements), and intricate shapes/textures on the bottom of the shank may not be eligible for resizing. Consulting your jeweler will help you answer any questions.

Gemstone & Diamond Setting

Replacing missing stones in any setting with new stones, re-pronging/retipping/tightening the prongs/adding additional prongs.


Permanently adjoining two or more rings together (common with bridal ring sets), affixing broken jewelry back together. Soldering can be used to fix bangle bracelets and more.

Polishing/Buffing Jewelry

Polishing and buffing out damage on rings and other jewelry, removing scratches and wear and tear with the buffing/polishing process.


Applying a fresh rhodium coat for rings or other jewelry creates a rich, durable top coat for white metals. 

Oiling Emeralds and Soft Stones

A bench jeweler may be able to fix damage to an emerald by filling the crack with a special resin. This process also applies to opals and other softer stones requiring extra care.

Fixing Broken Stones

A bench jeweler may re-cut the stone, removing the damage and restoring its shape. This process applies to harder stones such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies, quartz, garnet, peridot, aquamarine, morganite, and more. Cabochon cut stones such as lapis lazuli, malachite, and coral can be glued back together with the seam between the broken areas smoothed over.

Missing Stone Replacement Services

A new replacement for a stone may be required if the stone is missing, misplaced, or badly damaged. The customer considers pricing and budget options before a new stone is set into the design. Diamonds and gemstones with the same specifications are used to replace the stone.

Diamond or Stone Upgrade

Do you love your ring or jewelry but wish the stone was something else, like an emerald, instead of what you have? Bench jewelers can upgrade the piece with larger, higher-quality, or different stones altogether. This commonly includes engagement ring upgrades.

Hand Engraving

Do you want to add sentimental value to your piece? Initials, dates, and other mementos of special moments can be engraved on the inside of the ring shank, the back of the pendant, the inside of a box clasp, and other areas. Engraving allows you to add romance to your jewelry, unique.

Bead or Pearl Restringing

Pearls can be restrung on a brand-new cord, displaying their gorgeous color on a fresh durable string, ready to be worn frequently and enjoyed once again.


How to Become a Bench Jeweler

Bench jewelers learn their skills through trade schools like the North Bennet Street School Program. Bench jeweler programs may teach some or all of these jewelry design aspects, such as working with metals and other materials (wires) with metalsmithing techniques, fabric (threads), clay, resin, glass, wax casting, and safely cleaning/restoring jewelry or jewelry components.

Bench jewelers may also be self-taught or learn the trade through family generations as apprentices with real hands-on training.


Tips on Finding an Experienced Bench Jeweler

Researching and reading real customer reviews is important in finding a reputable bench jeweler. Social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram provide a good way to see the quality of a jeweler's work with before and after pieces, showcasing their experience and talent. 

A reputable jeweler will be transparent about their pricing and work with you to find a solution that fits your budget during your appointment.


Differences Between a Novice and Master Jeweler

A beginner bench jeweler can assist with basic jewelry setting. Master jewelers have years of experience, offering a wealth of expertise in jewelry design for more complex concerns. Inquiring about their resume will aid you in making the best decision when choosing a bench jeweler.


Key Takeaways

Bench jewelers work in stores, wholesale suppliers and manufacturers, and other studio settings with skills ranging from beginner to master jeweler.

Reading reviews, doing online research/inquiring via word of mouth, and then setting appointments will assist you in choosing the most qualified bench jeweler. Taking the time to do research before choosing a bench jeweler is worth the effort; the piece should come out the way you envisioned it. If you are not fully satisfied, following up with the bench jeweler is the next best step.

Contact us today with any concerns regarding your burning jewelry questions or ideas. Whether you're looking for your new favorite piece, alternative jewelry design, or another personalized item, we can find you the right piece to express yourself.


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