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harvey ballworcester jewelry
HARVEY ball necklaceharvey ball jewelry
ruby necklacechris ploof jewelry
Sold out
ruby gold ringruby jewelry
nautical jewelryStriped Earrings
Ilah Cibis Jewelry
Striped Earrings Sale priceFrom $170.00
Fishing NecklaceStriped Necklace
striped bass jewelrylucky bass
Sold out
Harvey Ball Pendant and Chain
harvey ball worcester
unique engagement ringElevate Ring
Ilah Cibis Jewelry
Elevate Ring Sale price$2,570.00
fantasy jewelryFeather Hoops
sapphire necklacePolson Necklace
pink earringsCalifornia Padparadscha Studs
emerald jewelrygreen earrings
gordon ramsy giftyes chef
Ilah Cibis Jewelry
yes chef Sale priceFrom $89.00
rose sapphirepink sapphire earrings
ruby earringsCalifornia Ruby Studs (1.31cwt)
Ridge bandRidge band
Ilah Cibis Jewelry
Ridge band Sale priceFrom $420.00
slightly right angled sterling silver ring with text that reads "Worcester"hand wearing a sterling silver ring with text that reads "Worcester"
Ilah Cibis Jewelry
Worcester Ring Sale priceFrom $89.00
ilah cibis jewelry
Back angle of round sterling silver pendant that reads text  "growth is sexy"a round silver charm with a silver bail decorated with an  8 pointed star surrounded by circular beads, on a sterling silver cable chain
Ilah Cibis Jewelry
Growth is sexy Sale priceFrom $45.00
silver word pendantsilver pendant
silver pendantword jewelry


All of iLAH's gemstone and diamond styles can be customized

Choose any color of gold, any type or shape of stone, and any ring or chain size. If you don't see the option you are looking for, just message us.