Plants and Animals

iLAH's pieces inspired by flora and fauna.


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funny jewelryI Fear No Judgement
striped bass jewelrylucky bass
snake necklaceI Will Remain Unbothered
fantasy jewelryFeather Hoops
front view of 14K gold baby bee studs.person with index finger to temple showcasing bee honeycomb ring. their ear is visible showing off 14K gold baby bee stud
scaly jewelryWyvern Band
Ilah Cibis Jewelry
Wyvern Band Sale priceFrom $99.00
floral accessoriesgifts for her
nautical jewelryStriped Earrings
Ilah Cibis Jewelry
Striped Earrings Sale priceFrom $170.00
sterling bee on gold hexagonLet's Talk About Hex - Ilah Cibis Jewelry-Necklaces
Fantasy jewelryFeather band
Ilah Cibis Jewelry
Feather band Sale priceFrom $99.00
Snakes on a ChainSnakes on a Chain
Beautiful waterlily necklaceWaterlily Necklace
white gold dragon ringwhite gold textured ring
scales ringfantasy jewelry
Ilah Cibis Jewelry
Tarragon Band Sale priceFrom $99.00
Fishing NecklaceStriped Necklace
fish jewelryStriped Bracelet
stoned textured studseveryday wear earrings
yellow gold ringfantasy yellow gold ring
emerald engagement ringPoppy Ring
Ilah Cibis Jewelry
Poppy Ring Sale price$1,349.00
sapphire wedding ringPoppies Rings
sapphire necklacePolson Necklace
Bee ringHoney Comb Ring - Ilah Cibis Jewelry-Rings
silver honey comb with solid gold beeHoney Comb Necklace - Ilah Cibis Jewelry-Necklaces
White gold necklaceGranite Necklace


All of iLAH's gemstone and diamond styles can be customized

Choose any color of gold, any type or shape of stone, and any ring or chain size. If you don't see the option you are looking for, just message us.