Scales and Feathers

Beautiful Creatures

There are many more pieces to come in this dragon and avian inspired collection. I love the way that feathers and scales lay upon each other and how many varieties of each exist. Look out for more bands and sterling pieces as I expand on this theme.

The stones featured in this collection are Salt and Pepper diamonds, heavily included with carbon and crystal imperfection that make them look like tiny gardens growing inside these million-year-old works of art. They are full of color and depth and are perfectly imperfect.

If you are interested in purchasing a Salt and Pepper diamond, please contact me for a diamond consult. Each of these pieces can be personalized with the stone of your choice.  


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striped bass jewelrylucky bass
fantasy jewelryFeather Hoops
nautical jewelryStriped Earrings
Ilah Cibis Jewelry
Striped Earrings Sale priceFrom $170.00
scaly jewelryWyvern Band
Ilah Cibis Jewelry
Wyvern Band Sale priceFrom $99.00
Fantasy jewelryFeather band
Ilah Cibis Jewelry
Feather band Sale priceFrom $99.00
Snakes on a ChainSnakes on a Chain
fish jewelryStriped Bracelet
Fishing NecklaceStriped Necklace
scales ringfantasy jewelry
Ilah Cibis Jewelry
Tarragon Band Sale priceFrom $99.00
yellow gold ringfantasy yellow gold ring
fantasy ringFlight of fantasy
white gold dragon ringwhite gold textured ring


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