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Photo/ Video Contest!

Photo Contest!

From March 10th till Midnight on March 31st, 2024 we are hosting a photo/ video contest. Take a picture or video in front of any part of our building to enter. You can use the Mario Mural, the angle/ devil selfie station, or any of the other art work. Submit the photo/ video by both posting it on either TikTok or Instagram and tagging us. It would also be helpful if you DMed us the image as well. 

ALL SUBMISSIONS ARE WINNERS- Every entry will get a 10% off coin for use online or instore. 

We will narrow the entries to 3 finalists, which will be voted on by our social media followers the week of April 1st. We will announce the winner Saturday April 5th. The winner will have the choice between a $150 iLAH Gift Card OR a $100 Visa Gift card to use at any of your favorite local businesses. 


-Photo or video must contain at least one person.

-You can use photoshop or other editing software, but some part of the original building and art must still be visible. Feel free to get creative!

-The outside of the building is available for photos 24/7, but please be safe by not standing in the road. 

-One photo/video equals one submission, regardless of how many accounts post the photo. If more than one person worked on the submission, it is only one entry, which means one Coin and one chance to win a shared prize. If a team wants to submit multiple entries they must vary significantly from each other. Minor edits will not be accepted as secondary entries. 

-Coins and Gift Cards must be picked up at iLAH during normal business hours, Wednesday through Saturday 11am till 7pm. 218 Franklin Street, Worcester, MA

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