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Promise Rings: The Best New Alternative to Engagement Rings

Promise Rings: The Best New Alternative to Engagement Rings - Ilah Cibis Jewelry - promise rings, engagement rings, commitment rings, TikTok jewelry, jewelry store Worcester MA

Commit to romance with a piece of jewelry that says something about you and your relationship. Grow memories, moments, and everlasting love by giving your partner a token of your affection, a gift representing your relationship.

Trying to decide what to buy? The newest TikTok trends featuring TikTok jewelry have opened up a world of possibilities showcasing some of the hottest designs. Promise rings are the ultimate selection for a partner, symbolizing your relationship and showcasing your commitment to the world.

Commitment rings come in endless styles, as noted in this blog. Keep reading to learn more about:

  • What is a Promise Ring?
  • How to Customize & Purchase a Promise Ring
  • Eternity Rings & Infinity Rings
  • Alternatives to Engagement/Promise Rings
  • Key Takeaways


What Is a Promise Ring?

promise ring is similar to an engagement ring and is a commitment ring without the preparations for a wedding. Promise rings cement the relationship as serious and/or monogamous without the other future relationship expectations that accompany an engagement or wedding ring purchase. Promise rings are given at the three-month mark, six-month mark, or comfort level of any couple. 

Promise rings are also sometimes called pre-engagement rings. They are a stepping stone until the couple is ready for marriage, signifying a future together is on the horizon. 

People of all ages wear promise/commitment rings, even though it is popular among younger generations. Promise rings may appear as petite solitaire engagement rings, Claddaugh rings, heart-shaped stones, diamond bands, simple gold bands, cluster rings, and more. It solely depends on the buyer–it is what they wish to have as a promise ring representing their relationship. The skies are the limit! 


How to Customize & Purchase a Promise Ring

Thought and preparation go into selecting the perfect promise ring. This style presents a personalized way to show off a relationship to the world. Wearing a promise ring on the wedding ring finger signifies the importance of the ring.

Customizing a promise ring is an effortless way to personalize the design, making it extra special for those who share in this unique purchasing process. Many websites offer a fully immersive template where the buyer picks their metal type, stone type, caratage, and price point, paying for the ring at virtual checkout.

Customization Options

Custom-made promise rings frequently feature diamonds, semi-precious colored stones, and precious colored stones. Popular stones include diamonds, birthstones (amethyst, citrine, peridot, garnet, morganite, aquamarine, for example), and sought-after gems (sapphires, rubies, emeralds, etc.). 

Setting up appointments with a jeweler or creating virtual appointments with a jeweler are hands-on approaches for customizing a promise ring. Going over materials, measurements, price points, and features all contribute to customizing a promise ring.

Purchasing a finished promise ring includes shopping on your favorite jewelry company's website with a particular look in mind. With one button click, your promise ring is ready for presentation and gifting with the stones already set into the mounting. 


Eternity Rings & Infinity Rings

Eternity and infinity rings make the perfect choice for a commitment ring for those seeking a classic look entrenched in deeper stylistic meaning. Sometimes the meaning of these rings can be mixed up because of the name–it is why and how you wear it that adds meaning to this ring, and you may express yourself as you wish. It is your shopping experience and a special moment.

Eternity rings are available in full eternity (stones all the way around it), three-quarter eternity (leaves a small space of metal on the bottom for comfort and future size adjustments), half eternity (stones set halfway around it), and quarter eternity (stones set in a small section on the top).

Celebrate your promises with an eternity ring, symbolizing an eternity of love and affection. Eternity rings are also classic for wedding bands–keeping your promise ring/eternity ring adds extra significance to your bridal ring set if a wedding is on the horizon.

Infinity rings feature a figure-eight or never-ending infinity symbol, celebrating an infinity of love, romance, commitment, and the happiest moments. These symbols are set on the top or around the band like an eternity ring.


Alternatives to Engagement/Promise Rings

Is wearing jewelry not your thing? Many people do not like the feel and weight of wearing jewelry and Commitment rings. Wearing rings inhibits work or may interfere with other daily activities, catching on clothing and hair and causing overall discomfort. 


Tattoo Engagement/Promise Rings

Tattoo engagement/promise rings are customized by a professional tattoo artist art placed around the finger, denoting a promise, a wedding, an engagement, and long-lasting love memories. Tattoo rings have increased in popularity over the years, right on-trend. You don't need to remember to put a ring on, lose your promise ring, or damage your ring–a tattoo ring is a permanent display of romance.


Keepsake Heirloom Lockets & Diamond Pendant Necklaces

Selecting lockets and necklaces instead of a promise/engagement ring are alternatives for those who don't like to wear rings.

Lockets are pendants that open up with a hinge on one side, revealing an open space ready to hold your keepsake. Lockets frequently contain hair or a small photo inside. The exterior of the locket may have engraved details such as initials, dates, and places special to the recipient and the giver of the locket. Lockets are also considered family heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation. 

Journey and three-stone pendants are elegant alternatives for an engagement/promise ring. These pendants represent life's journey of time spent together or the three-stone (past, present, and future) memories over the years. 


For a Good Cause: Making a Donation

Giving money to your preferred cause is an excellent alternative to gifting a promise/engagement ring, a true altruistic statement of your love, and a way to give back to the world. You may also choose to do volunteer work instead–these methods are perfect for those who seek something out of the ordinary, as opposed to jewelry and gift-giving.


Giving Back to the World: Planting Trees & Gardens

Planting trees and gardens helps Mother Earth. This activity can also represent your love, growing and ever-changing through life's chapters. It is also fun to design and grow a garden together, showing friends and neighbors how far it has come from the beginning.


Designing Your Own Trips & Adventures

Planning a long hiking trip through tough terrain or traveling is also an earthy alternative to an engagement/promise ring. Exploring the world together and participating in your own "Choose Your Own Adventure" creates long-lasting memories through photos, videos, and one-of-a-kind moments.


Key Takeaways

A promise ring may be given at any moment in a relationship, often denoting an anniversary or a significant amount of time spent together, and may be referred to as a commitment ring. Promise rings are without the expectations of a wedding, or they may also be so in the distant future–it is solely up to the couple.

They can look any way you choose–including simple gold bands, eternity rings, birthstone rings, or as a tattoo around the finger. Promises can be made by having an experience instead of a purchase–traveling around the world, building something, or growing a garden are some examples. TikTok jewelry adds to the trend of promise rings, showing how users choose it.

To learn more about how to maintain your rings, read our ultimate guide to preventative jewelry maintenance.



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