iLAH in Vanity Fair UK

iLAH in Vanity Fair UK

iLAH has been getting some great press lately! Our Poppies Ring and our "I fear no judgement" pendant from the icons collection have both been featured in Vanity Fair UK.

alternative jewelrySpring Forward with Mixed Drinks!

Spring Forward with Mixed Drinks!

With nature coming to life and vibrant colors painting the landscape, it's the perfect time to celebrate the arrival of warmer days with a refreshing mixed drink in hand. Whether it's a zesty citru...

alternative jewelerWhy do we exchange wedding bands and how can we pick “the one”?

Why do we exchange wedding bands and how can we pick “the one”?

The tradition of exchanging rings as a symbol of love and commitment has a rich history that spans over 3000 years. From the ancient Egyptians to the Greeks and Romans, the significance of the wedd...

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5 Myths About Engagement Rings That Deserve to Die

In the journey towards marriage, the engagement ring stands as a powerful symbol of love, commitment, and the promise of a shared future. Yet, in the glow of this tradition, shadows of myths and mi...

alternative jewelerIlah Jewelry Featured in CM Pride Magazine

Ilah Jewelry Featured in CM Pride Magazine

ILAH CIBIS JEWELRY is a jewelry brand based in Worcester and one of the Canal Districts newest additions, located at 218 Franklin Street. The brand is the brainchild of Ilah Cibis, a jeweler a...

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How Does the Price of Gold Affect Jewelry Shopping?

Gold has captivated humanity with its lustrous allure and promise of lasting value, making it a cornerstone in the world of fine jewelry. Its timeless appeal goes beyond mere aesthetics, weaving in...