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The Complete Guide to Ear Piercing: Measuring, Shopping, and Healing

The Complete Guide to Ear Piercing: Measuring, Shopping, and Healing - Ilah Jewelry Worcester MA - daddy ring, bench jeweler, bad girl jewelry, poly jewelry, jewelry store Worcester

Are you interested in taking your personality to the next level with a more creative ear piercing? Body jewelry is worth the investment of time and money--you can always have the look you desire with new and innovative ear-piercing styles and techniques.

This blog post will cover some of the most important aspects when selecting your piercing style and new earrings. There are so many choices available for ear piercings–gone are the days when cartilage and earlobe piercings were seemingly the only options in standard placements. Now, custom ear piercings have become more mainstream and acceptable–make a statement and make it a part of your casual, work, and day wardrobe.

  • Measurements
  • Antitragus
  • Auricle
  • Conch
  • Constellation
  • Daith
  • Earlobe
  • Helix
  • Industrial
  • Orbital
  • Rook
  • Snug
  • Finding a professional piercer
  • Healthy healing
  • Choosing earring styles
  • Key takeaways


Measurements play a pivotal role in the process of choosing body jewelry. Precise measurements guarantee the piece will sit correctly and comfortably on the body or ear.

Traditional jewelry (simple and common earrings, chains, for example) is mass-produced to be one size fits all, using standard measurements for a vast array of people who, on average, fit within these measurements.

But body jewelry and unique ear piercings aren’t so simple sometimes–precise measurements give you the highly accessorized look you have always wanted without annoyance and discomfort. Visiting a jewelry store, speaking to a bench jeweler, and setting an appointment for personalized measurements are important steps.

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Types of Piercings

Earlobe piercings are the most popular and familiar across various demographics worldwide and culturally. Ears can be pierced in different areas, making it a unique experience every time.


Antitragus Piercing

An antitragus piercing is situated in the cartilage of the outer ear, located adjacent to the earlobe and on the opposite side of the ear canal.

Healing Time: The complete healing process for an antitragus piercing is between 8 to 16 months. It is highly recommended not to replace the piercing earring until the piercing has fully healed.


Auricle Piercing

This piercing traverses through the auricle segment of your ear, situated between the helix and the earlobe.

Healing Time: The healing period for an auricle piercing ranges from 3 to 9 months, requiring daily cleaning for optimal health and healing.


Conch Piercing (Inner & Outer)

This piercing sits at the midpoint between your earlobe and the upper part of your ear.

There are two types of conch piercings: inner and outer. The outer conch piercing occupies the flat area of the ear between the helix and the antihelix. The inner conch piercing is situated at the ear's center, adjacent to the cup-shaped region near the ear canal.


Constellation Piercing/Ear Party

A unique cluster of piercings resembling a constellation of stars, giving you a highly accessorized look with artistic placements.


Daith Piercing

This piercing traverses through the innermost fold of cartilage in the ear. Usually at 14-gauge, a daith piercing is hailed as potential migraine relief, even called the "migraine piercing."


Earlobe Piercing

Of course, we can't forget to mention earlobe piercings. These piercings are the most common and popular on the earlobes.

Healing Time: The healing process is typically between 6 to 12 weeks.


Helix Piercing

Located on your upper ear cartilage, also known as a cartilage piercing. Double helix piercing produces two holes.


Industrial Piercing

Also called scaffold piercing, bar piercing, or construction piercing, industrial piercing features two perforated holes linked by a single piece of jewelry positioned diagonally on your upper ear cartilage.


Orbital Piercing

Two ear cartilage piercings connected by a singular piece of jewelry. Endless options; orbital piercings can be located on your helix, forward helix, earlobe, and more.


Rook Piercing

This piercing passes through the upper portion or antihelix of your ear, located above the tragus on the ridge between the inner and outer conch.


Snug Piercing

A horizontal piercing set at the inner ridge of the ear cartilage, positioned above the antitragus.


Seek a Professional Piercer for Advice

Visiting a respected piercer with a resume, positive online reviews, word of mouth, and years of experience will help you achieve the best dimensions for your newest body piercings. They will answer all your questions regarding your body jewelry and piercings because they are designated experts in the field. If you aren’t sure about something, advice from a professional before you purchase jewelry or piercing will save you time and money—you do not want to be stuck with something that doesn’t turn out right.


Healthy Healing & Waiting for the Right Time

All piercings must undergo a healing process. This healing process allows your body to adjust to the new piercing and foreign object. The healing process will undergo several steps--making sure you clean your piercing regularly with a solution, mild soap/water, and not knocking or damaging the piercing will all help to prevent infection and inflammation.

Replacing the piercing jewelry with another stud or earring too soon will cause inflammation, infection, and even closure.

Remember: waiting for the right time to replace the stud or body jewelry will keep the piercing and area healthy and clean, free of problems.


Choosing Earring Styles for a New You

Take your style to the next level by incorporating body jewelry into your wardrobe and jewelry collection with special pieces designed to be shown off and enjoyed for years.

From earrings to nose rings, lip rings, and all other accessories, the correct measurements allow the piece to sit in a streamlined appearance rather than obstruct parts of the body or cause irritation and annoyance.

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Key Takeaways

Stopping by your favorite jewelry store and inquiring about ear piercings and body jewelry will give you a hands-on approach where you can see the body piercing jewelry in-person. Asking a bench jeweler for a custom-made ear-piercing jewelry design makes it all the more special.

Patiently waiting the designated time or longer will promote healthy healing before removing the original earring piercing jewelry.

Experience another level of YOU with unique, custom-made, high-quality body jewelry and ear piercings designed for frequent wear, making it a part of your lifestyle.



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