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The Jeweler's Guide to Body Piercing and Body Jewelry

The Jeweler's Guide to Body Piercing and Body Jewelry-Alternative jewelry, jewelry store Worcester MA, lab grown diamonds, queer owned jewelry, responsibly sourced

The exciting world of piercing is right at your fingertips, offering many styles and piercings, opening the doors to creative freedom. Choose a statement-worthy way of expressing who you are, featuring luxurious and beautiful details, eye-catching designs, and much more found within each piercing jewelry artistically crafted using shapes, metals, and stones.

This blog post will cover piercings you may have wondered about and new piercings that are modern, fresh, and reimagined for today’s world of piercings and body modification.

Say it all without saying anything with a piercing thoughtfully placed in a place that is made to get noticed yet understated enough when desired.

Aftercare for Piercings

Mouth/Lip/Tongue Area: Rinsing your piercing with saline solution or a mild, alcohol-free mouthwash after every meal and before you go to bed makes any mouth piercing free of debris, food, and other irritants. Using extra care and eating soft foods without spices and other things that may potentially get caught in mouth piercings ensures it/they will heal quickly.

Body: Body piercing should also be cleaned regularly. Taking care not to knock the piercing or irritate the piercing will help it to heal quicker without becoming painful and infected.

Angel Bites

What it is: Angel bite piercings are an innovative form of body modification on the face. Angel bites feature two piercings parallelled symmetrically on the upper lip.

Angel bite piercings rose to popularity through the decades, appearing in the early to mid-2000s as part of a gothic subculture of body modification and piercing.  Take your lip piercing to the next level of dramatic style with angel bites--edgy and unlike any other piercing.

How it Looks: Unique, for sure--angel bites are definitely outside of the classic and well-worn piercing box of ears, lips, and nose--perfect for those who dare to be different and stand out from the crowd.

Piercing Process: A hollow needle is used to create two holes. One is situated on the upper lip and one is on the lower lip. The process is done simultaneously with the piercing jewelry inserted through the openings.

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Snake Bites

What it is: Snake bites are similar to angel bites. However, angel bites are situated on the upper lip and snake bites are only on the bottom. Both angel and snake bites feature a symmetrical double piercing, giving you a double dose of daring style that is sure to get admired because they are directly on the face near the mouth.

Just like angel bites, snake bites rose to prominence in the 2000s, where face piercings soon became one of the most popular ways of expression in the gothic era.

Tongue Piercing

What it is: Tongue piercings have remained popular through the decades, from the 1980s to the present time. The piercing is through the center of the tongue, embraced by people seeking to express themselves through an alternative way.

Tongue piercings should always be performed by a professional with a consultation first. Like many other piercings, tongue piercings are usually performed with a hollow needle. The piercing is put through the hole immediately.

Extra Care: Lessening alcohol consumption, spicy foods, tobacco/smoking in various forms, and super-hot beverages during the healing period will keep your tongue pain-free.

Septum Piercing

What it is: A septum piercing is a super-popular nose piercing and may be accompanied by other nose piercings on the nostrils, depending on personal style. The septum piercing is located between the two nostrils, featuring the soft tissue in the middle of the nose.

Styling: Common jewelry options for septum piercings include circular barbells, captive bead rings, horseshoe-shaped rings, and septum clickers. Jewelry made of titanium, gold, surgical steel, silver, bone, and other decorative materials is suitable for septum piercings AFTER the piercing has healed with the initial jewelry used.

Dermal Piercing

What it is: Dermal piercing is a broad term for dermal anchors or single-point piercings and is considered body modification.

Dermal piercings can be featured on the back of the neck, cheek, and other areas. This single-unit piercing sits on the skin's surface, featuring stones, metal, and other decorative elements like shapes. More than one creates a pattern.

Labret Piercing

What it is: A labret piercing features a single hole just below the lower lip, often in the center.

Styling: This type of piercing can be worn with studs, rings, or bars, making it versatile and easy to change up to match any mood and moment. Choose from your favorite metal and complement other jewelry and piercings.

Navel Piercing/Belly Button Piercing

What it is: A navel piercing/belly button piercing is a popular worldwide and cross-culture choice for body modification where a small hole is made through the skin around the navel, allowing for the insertion of piercing jewelry.

Styling: Belly button jewelry features the most popular metals. Silver, titanium, gold, and more fashioned into curved barbells are common.

Sparkling stones and dangling charms rose to popularity in the 2000s (Britney Spears!) and remain in demand today for a glamorous look, with the torso as the main focal point, often showcased in crop tops, bikinis, bodysuits, and thinner fabrics like mesh or lace. Navel piercing jewelry ranges from pricey to affordable, allowing the wearer to swap out their jewelry to match any outfit and occasion.

Eyebrow Piercing

What it is: An eyebrow piercing involves inserting a small piece of jewelry through the eyebrow's skin or the surrounding tissue, showcased on the top part of the eyebrow.  It is popular for men and women because of its minimalist look yet garners attention immediately because it is on the face.

Styling: eyebrow rings, curved barbells, eyebrow studs, circular barbells, and more are all suitable for eyebrow piercings, making them personalized and versatile. Surgical steel, titanium, and other precious metals are used for creating eyebrow piercing jewelry, as well as faux and precious stones.

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Toe Rings

Toe rings are worn on the toes, typically the second toe, due to wearability and comfort. These rings come in custom-made designs, materials (common metals of your choice--including fine metals and alloys), and sizes, offering a boho-chic touch to your summer wardrobe, sparkling with stones for a flirty vibe.

What makes them special: Toe rings have an interesting history (most notable in India), where these little accessories carry cultural and symbolic significance within their dainty designs.

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