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Classic signets updated for a post covid existence.

I love a signet ring, both chunky or dainty. These pieces come from a place of sarcasm and sass, both of which heavily influence my work. I love it when customers give me suggestions for new rings. If you have a phrase that you think would fit perfectly on one of these, either sweet or salty, let me know.


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Bad Bitch Magicfront left side of sterling silver ring reads "bad bitch magic"
Ilah Cibis Jewelry
Bad Bitch Magic Sale priceFrom $199.00
What Fresh Hell Is This?(Salty)What Fresh Hell Is This?(Salty)
Bless Your Heart(Salty)Bless Your Heart(Salty)
None of This is Real (Salty)None of This is Real (Salty)
None of This is Real (Sweet)None of This is Real (Sweet)
What Fresh Hell Is This?(Sweet)What Fresh Hell Is This?(Sweet)
Bless Your Heart (Sweet)Bless Your Heart (Sweet)