Don't comment on other people's bodies

Sale price$45.00
Metal: Sterling Silver (No chain)


Two sided charm with "Don't comment on other people's bodies" on back. Believe it or not, no one needs to hear your opinion about their body or anyone else's body. Even what you think are compliments can be hurtful and insensitive.  So don't do it, and wear this charm to encourage others to not do it.

Can be mixed and matched with other Words of Wisdom charms.  All WoW charms have a different design on the front.

Available in sterling silver, 5k yellow gold or 14k yellow gold. Charms do not include chains. 5K yellow gold charms are slightly antiqued to highlight the design. Order 3 or more charms of any metal and receive a free silver chain. 

Charms are 14mm in diameter and sold with an open ring that can be easily added to an existing charm bracelet or thicker chain. 

Pre-Orders are made to order and will take approximately 2-4 weeks to ship. Average shipping for in stock items is 48 hours.