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What Is a Bench Jeweler?

Have you ever wondered how to design and craft jewelry? A bench jeweler is a skilled artisan or craftsperson working in a jewelry store, wholesale supplier/manufacturer, independent workshop, or s...

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How to Tell Good Jewelry Repair from Bad Jewelry Repair

Does your favorite jewelry piece need repair? Over time, wear and tear appears as visible blemishes, scratches, dents, and more. Repairing your jewelry helps keep it looking brand new again, displa...

alternative jewelerAre Lab Grown Diamonds the Future of Jewelry? - lab grown diamonds, carbon neutral diamonds, sustainable jewelry, custom made jewelry, handmade jewelry, LGBT jewelry, Worcester jewelry stores, emo jewelry, dom jewelry - Ilah Cibis Jewelry

Are Lab-Grown Diamonds the Future of Jewelry?

Do you love the fire and scintillation of a diamond but sometimes worry about the strenuous supply chain accompanying the diamond mining process? Choosing a lab-grown diamond is a socially consciou...

alternative jewelerPromise Rings: The Best New Alternative to Engagement Rings - Ilah Cibis Jewelry - promise rings, engagement rings, commitment rings, TikTok jewelry, jewelry store Worcester MA

Promise Rings: The Best New Alternative to Engagement Rings

People of all ages wear promise/commitment rings, even though it is popular among younger generations. Promise rings may appear as petite solitaire engagement rings, Claddaugh rings, heart-shaped s...

goldHow to Spot Fake Jewelry - fake jewelry, unique jewelry, replica jewelry, custom made jewelry, Worcester jewelry, dom jewelry - Ilah Jewelry

How to Spot Fake Jewelry

Have you ever wondered if your jewelry is not what you think it is? A lingering worry rests in your mind: Is your unique jewelry fake? Is it really authentic, genuine, and worth the price you paid?

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The Ultimate Guide to Preventative Jewelry Maintenance

Treating fashion and fine jewelry with the utmost care by practicing easy-to-follow steps helps preserve the value and beauty of your most treasured pieces. Taking care of your unique jewelry with ...