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Maintain your distance


Two sided charm with "Maintain your distance" on back. Can be worn either way depending on what social situation you find yourself in. Some of these charms are helpful reminders to yourself as much as they are warnings to others.

Can be mixed and matched with other Words of Wisdom charms.  All WoW charms have a different design on the front.

Available in sterling silver with or without a 20" 1.5mm sterling silver cable chain, 5k yellow gold or 14k yellow gold. Gold charms do not include chains. 5K yellow gold charms are slightly antiqued to highlight the design. Order 3 or more charms of any metal and receive a free silver chain.

Charms are 14mm in diameter and sold with an open ring that can be easily added to an existing charm bracelet or thicker chain. 

Made to order items need 2-3 weeks to be produced. If the drop down menus are not working, try using a different browser or clearing your cache. Most rings are available in sizes 4-14 stock.

Stuff you may want to know

The sizing of rings is often a tricky process. Many factors including air
travel, spicy foods, alcohol and hot weather can dramatically influence finger
size. Ilah Cibis Jewelry guarantees that rings will be the size ordered;
however, we cannot guarantee the size of your finger.

It is usually a good idea to be sized a couple of times before ordering a
ring, to determine an accurate size. If you believe that your hand may be
swollen, we strongly suggest a ring order not be processed until an accurate
size is determined, either by a visit to our Worcester store or by a reputable
jeweler in your home city.

Most rings can be sized, however, certain rings where the design is entirely
around the band (an eternity ring or channel set band) cannot be sized. Some
rings can only be sized a limited amount up or down. Sizes beyond this range
would require a custom made ring. Therefore, it is important to make sure that
the correct size is being ordered from the beginning. Contact us prior to
purchase if you have concerns about the ability to size the ring you would like
to order.

We recommend you purchase your ring and have it shipped to you for approval.
After your ring is sized or special ordered it is a final sale.

In most cases, there is no charge for a first time sizing. If a ring is
being sized up or down two sizes or more, there may be an additional charge.
Special orders do not qualify for free first time sizing. Please call or email us
for more information. 

If the size needs to be adjusted a second time, there will be an additional
sizing fee. The customer is responsible for the shipping charge to and from Ilah
Cibis Jewelry for every ring sizing. We recommend that you always insure the
shipment for the total cost of the piece.

Estimated delivery time for sizing's take approximately 2- 4 weeks.

Our warranty policy covers all of
the jewelry purchased from Ilah Cibis Jewelry. This warranty covers all
manufacturer defects in material or workmanship but does not cover neglect and
abuse, natural wear and tear or stone loss over .20cts (this gets covered by
your insurance).

Warranty exceptions and exclusions:

1. Any damage to jewelry caused by
neglect, abuse or natural wear and tear. Damage, such as being hit or
knocked, is easily detectable under magnification. For example, if a ring wears
thin or prongs wear out due to neglect or natural wear and tear, the warranty
is considered void. Additionally, if a ring becomes out of round and thus
causes stones to fall out, this could be due to damage to the bottom of the
ring when being worn. 

2. Any jewelry that has been
repaired by another jeweler. We cannot be held responsible for merchandise that
has been worked on by another jeweler. 

3. The loss of a stone over .20
carats. Larger stones (over .20cts) can be covered by your insurance if you
have submitted it for coverage with an appraisal. If you need to have a stone
like this replaced, please go through your insurance company first.  

4. Damage to your center stone.
While diamond is the hardest mineral on earth, it is still subject to breaking
or chipping. All other stones that are lower on the hardness scale are subject
to damage from regular wear. Please be aware of this when choosing your center

If you need to return merchandise
due to defects, please contact us.  Once merchandise is received, we will
carefully examine the defected merchandise and determine if the above criteria
is met. Once approved, we will begin the repair on your item.  

Ilah Cibis Jewelry reserves the
right to reject any returns that do not comply with the conditions stated

If you want your jewelry to last, just like everything else in life, it
requires proper care. Jewelry has a lifespan and will not last forever if you
wear it, and we want you to wear and enjoy it!! While diamonds are uniquely
durable and can be recovered from pieces that are a hundred years old and
reused, metal that is regularly worn will wear down over time. Pieces that get
a lot of wear and tear, like rings, will not last as long as pieces like earrings.
Please have reasonable expectations about the durability of your jewelry.  

We do our best to make durable, wearable pieces of jewelry, but jewelry that
is designed to be delicate is also beautiful. However, designs that are
delicate or dainty are inherently fragile and will not last as long as pieces
that are heavier. We highly recommend that you take your jewelry off when you
sleep, do chores (such as washing dishes or gardening), and exercise. Treating
your jewelry with care will help in last longer.

If worn on a regular basis your jewelry will wear. Prongs holding stones
will eventually, over time, thin and require repair. This is a natural process.
Just like you can’t drive your car for 10 years without any maintenance, you
cannot wear a ring for 10 years without maintenance. We recommend getting your
pieces cleaned and checked for wear on a regular basis. Most wear related issue
can be spotted by a trained jeweler long before they become critical.  

We recommend that you keep your jewelry away from chemicals. Exposure to
chemicals can damage or discolor precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, iron)
and may harm some colored gems. Even everyday substances like hairspray,
lotion, sunscreen, perfume or other cosmetics can contain chemicals that will
permanently damage the surface of delicate or porous gems (like turquoise).
Fine jewelry should be removed before diving into a chlorinated swimming pool
or before using household cleaners. Many of these cleaners contain ammonia,
which can be too harsh for delicate gems. Chlorine bleach, another common
household solvent, can pit or damage gold alloys. Standard 14K white gold is
particularly at risk to damage from chlorine because chlorine dissolves nickel.
Do not wear standard white gold pieces in pools or hot tubs, even if they are
salt water chlorinated.

Most colored gems and diamonds can be cleaned with
warm water, mild dish soap (no detergents) and a soft brush, such as a soft
bristle tooth brush. Do not use tooth paste on your jewelry as it can be too
abrasive for some materials, and it often gets stuck in parts of your jewelry
and can be difficult to remove later.

Diamonds and other gemstones are measured by the Mohs scale. It runs from 10
(hardest) down to 1 (softest). Normally a diamond will last many lifetimes. The
diamond measures at a 10 on the Mohs scale being the world’s hardest substance,
but hard does not mean indestructible. If hit just the right way, they can be
chipped, scratched or even split in half. Anytime that a diamond comes in contact
with a hard surface, it is at risk. All other gems are lower on the Mohs scale
and subject to more wear and damage.

We recommend soft polishing cloths for all of our metal jewelry. Do not dip
any of our pieces in tarnish removing jewelry cleaner, especially antiqued
pieces of silver. Tarnish removing dips can damage the finish of the metal. Metal
jewelry left in some cleaners, even for short periods of time can be severely

All items that are Special Requests,
Custom Designs, or that have been altered in any way, including sizing, are
non-returnable, non-refundable.

Stock items, even those which are made just for you, are returnable within
14 days starting from the first day your package is out for delivery. Your
return must be received for processing within the 14 Day review period,
packaged securely and in unworn, undamaged condition. Re-sized rings are
non-refundable. Quarter sizes are always considered Special Requests and can
only be returned with authorization.

If a stock item/order is returned for a refund or
is canceled during production, your next purchase will qualify as a final sale.
If a subsequent order is placed during production of an
existing order, the subsequent order is considered a final sale. Size
alterations to orders currently in process will count as your one complimentary
re-sizing. Special Requests and Custom Designs can only be canceled within 24
hours of placing the order. After those 24 hours, the sale is final.

iLAH offers several different types of metals. All of our standard
metals with the exception of white gold are nickel free. White gold pieces
contain nickel. Nickel free white gold is available upon request. If you have
questions about the content of any of our metals, please contact us.

Alloy- An alloy is a mix of metals. All karats of
gold less than 24K are alloys. 24K gold is pure gold. The karat number refers
to how many parts of 24 of the alloy are gold. So, 14K gold is 14 parts gold
and 10 parts other metals. Those other metals determine the color of the alloy.
Standard alloys include 10K, 14K, 18K, and 22K. 5K is a newer alloy with only
20% gold.

5K Yellow gold- iLAH wanted to offer a less expensive
gold colored option for the Words of Wisdom rings. 5K yellow gold is a gold alloy
that contains roughly 20% gold and has the look of a 10K to 14K yellow gold. It
is not plated, so the gold color is permanent and won’t wear off. Because it
does not have as much gold in it as a 10k or 14k, it will tarnish slightly over
time, but can be cleaned with a polishing cloth just like sterling silver. 5K
is a great option if you want the look of gold, but don’t plan wearing the
piece every day for the rest of your life, as it is not as durable as 14K
yellow. This is a newer alloy that has only been on the market for a few years.

14K yellow gold- 14K yellow gold is durable, does not
tarnish, and has a great yellow color. This is a better option than 5K yellow
gold if you want a piece that will last a lifetime.

14K white gold- 14K white gold is durable and light
in color. It has a slightly off-white color due to the very yellow color of the
gold it contains. Standard white gold is mixed with nickel to get its whiter
color. Nickel free white gold is made with palladium, a pure precious metal in
the platinum family. Because palladium is more expensive than nickel, there is
a cost difference between the two options. Some of our white gold pieces are
rhodium plated to make them look whiter, and some are left unplated, showing the
soft natural off-white color of white gold. Some refer to unplated white gold
as “antique white”.

14K gold- Available in rose, green, white, and nickel
free white. The different colors are created by the metals used to alloy the
gold. Green gold contains higher amounts of silver to produce the color. Rose
gold contains higher amounts of copper.

18K gold- Contains more gold than 14K. 18K yellow is
a richer yellow color than 14K. Available by request in yellow, rose, green,
white, brown, and nickel free white.

Nickel- Nickel is a metal that is a common allergen. Our
standard white gold contains nickel. Nickel free white gold is available at an additional

Palladium- a pure precious metal that is a member of
the platinum family of metals and is hypoallergenic. It is used to alloy with
gold to make nickel free white golds.

Platinum- Platinum is a pure precious metal that is
hypoallergenic. It is a grey-white color. It holds diamonds and gemstones exceptionally
well, and is a great choice for certain designs. Because it is softer than
white gold, it does not maintain a finish as well as white gold. It gets
scratched and dulls faster than white gold.

Rhodium- rhodium is a metal in the platinum family
that is used to make white gold look whiter. An electro plating process is used
to adhere thin layers of rhodium on top of white gold. As you wear a rhodium
plated piece, the plating will wear away, exposing the slightly more yellow/
off-white color of the white gold underneath. Because rhodium is an expensive
material, it adds cost to any piece it is applied to. If you have questions
about rhodium plating, please contact us.

Sterling silver- All of my silver pieces are sterling
silver, which is a silver alloy that is 92.5% pure silver mixed with another
metal for strength. My sterling is nickel free. All sterling will tarnish over time, and many of my
sterling pieces are artificially tarnished or antiqued to help details pop.
Sterling can be polished with polishing cloths found at most drug stores and
hardware stores. Sterling is a softer metal than white gold and will wear faster.
I do not offer all of my pieces in silver because some thinner and more delicate
pieces would not hold up well in silver. Anything I do offer in silver can be
made in gold.

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